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Three salsa dance couples in dazzling costumes.

Irôko Dance Inc.

Irôko Dance Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dance organization. From the clubs of New York City to the stages across the world, to their new home in Champ City Tampa Bay, Irôko is known for its powerful, captivating choreographies, and rich fusion of Afro-Cuban and New York Mambo Salsa styles. Irôko currently holds three World Salsa Summit Championship titles.


Irôko is committed to building a community of world-class, competitive dancers with explosive power, strong technical foundations, and the desire to constantly push the boundaries of Salsa as an art form. Just as the Irôko tree continually branches, Irôko trains professional leaders who will pass on this knowledge as they continue their dance journeys throughout the world.

Our Mission

To expose Latin dance professionals and pre-professionals to international opportunities while supporting equal pay for Latino artists

To provide resources to the local Florida and international Latin dance community who are usually not afforded the opportunity to receive high-quality instruction and performance opportunities by offering scholarships

Iroko professional team in their starting dance pose on stage.

Our Vision

Irôko Dance Inc. is thrilled to build their roots in Central Florida. An integral part of our long term vision is to open our own studio space for a dance academy in the heart of Tampa Bay. In addition to their student, semi-professional and professional dance company teams, Irôko currently holds weekly classes open to the community for all levels of dance.Irôko Dance Inc. is seeking long-term support to offer dance programs for youth in the Tampa community. In addition to the local community, Irôko seeks to inspire and provide resources for youth in Latin America to purse Latin Dance as a professional with professional resources and education. Irôko is looking to establish themselves as the Latin Dance Academy and Latino Arts Organization that Tampa is proud to call their own.

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