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Alexander Earlywine

Executive Director, Foundation & Brand

For IRÔKO, I serve on the board of the IRÔKO Dance, Inc Foundation and am aiding in business consulting in the IRÔKO, Ernesto & Denisse and other businesses.

In my professional life, I am a trusted and respected Managed Care, IT and M&A Executive with transferrable expertise cultivated throughout a fast-rising and results-driven career. As a turnaround specialist, I am resourceful and self-disciplined, using passion and positivity to inspire others and drive business success. I have a highly proven track record in government programs, business process augmentation, digital process transformation, and medical expense optimization. I'm exceptionally engaged and tactical in providing seamless transitions during M&A process. Solves complex problems through creative thinking and collaboration.

□ Strategic Planner & Process Improver. Takes failing projects – so-called “hardest of the hard” – and makes them successful. Even after external consultants have gotten nowhere, established reputation of accessing an operation, building a team, and attaining synergies that result in everything from cost savings to increased employee productivity. With rapid deployment, built an entire workflow system with automated communications and full infrastructure activity within six months, resulting in five-year 3:1 ROI.

□ Differentiating Vision. Robust background through continual redeployments creates a 360 degree view advantage of an organization. Operations, IT, Finance, Clinical, Legal, and Staffing experience brings a more complete picture and point-of-view to the decision and/or negotiating table.

□ Merger & Acquisition Specialist. Utilizes cross-function skills to provide pre-closure discovery, integrate strategic planning and execution phases, and optimize workforce and vendor consolidation. Holistic solutions rewarded as continued to receive more challenging situations.

□ Hands-On Leader & Mentor. Delivers measurable outcomes by rolling up sleeves and jumping into the trenches. Sets example of integrity through active listening to earn trust of others at all levels and make the right call. Deeply immersed with team – does not “direct traffic” – and always open to feedback and honest dialogue. Proved indispensable and popular as always asked to stay on despite organizational changes.


Alexander Earlywine
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